Trading Software Development Company in India

Trading Software Development Company in India

Trading Software Development Company in India – Trading Software is one of the trending topics these days. Nowadays, there are a lot of companies are interested in building these platforms using the latest tools, technologies as well as trends. Trading software development can be considered as one of the powerful boosters of the economy. In this post, we will discuss Trading Software Development services in India and how our Trading Software Development Company in India, Easy MLM Plans can benefit your objectives.

Easy MLM Plans – Trading Software Development Company in India

Easy MLM Plans is one of the leading Trading Software Development companies in India based in Chandigarh. We have an experienced and dependable team of developers to take care of your trading business with ease. In addition, we also change your existing software technologies to mobile or web-based systems as per your need without losing their previous data. Our Company offers a wide range of trading software development services in India using modern and trending technology with a suitable interface that is fit for your company image and delivers the trading customer software management solutions.

Furthermore, our Company Easy MLM Plans has been in technology-driven solutions for the international online industry compromising core areas like Digital Marketing and Development services. Our problem-solving approach has made it possible for us to stand ahead of our competitors. Our team of Trading Software Developers in India, have made it possible to develop an unmatched trading platform. However, our software includes all the features which are compatible with all the platforms and deliver the best user experience.

Benefits of Trading Software

Working with a Trading Software Development Company in India, like us includes various benefits.

  • Our experienced Trading Software Developers in India as well as programmers will be responsible for developing technologies for making financial decisions for digital trading.  In addition, we know everything about the work of brokers and what users want to see in the trading platform.
  • While developing trading software, Easy MLM Plans also offers its clients various services like consultations on hardware, maintenance, third-party integration etc.
  • Moreover, our company can help you keep your business alongside with all the latest changes or trends in the market. We will continuously be updating the system and its function which is on-demand. In this way, your platform will be highly demandable.
  • We are able to develop your trading software platform very fast.

Stock Market Trading Software Development in India

We Easy MLM Plans is a leading Company of Stock Market Trading Software Development in India. We are ready to take up the contest as well as offering top-quality solutions to increase your business growth. In addition, we build customized trading software solutions that ply for the requirements of traders, stock exchanges, brokers and others.

Our End-to-end trading solutions include

  • Financial Trading solutions
  • Cryptocurrency solutions
  • Automated Trading Software
  • Software security
  • Currency exchange software

What do we need to look at in Trading software?

Real-Time and Historical Data – Real-time data or information is very important for traders. Sometimes a small variation or actual price quote may cause profit or loss. On the other hand, historical data is also very important to examine the price of security moves.

Stock screener – It is a tool that is used by traders to filter a stock based on the criteria.

Back Testing software – This software is used to test your strategy using historical data. It simulates the trading strategy over a specific period of time and then analysing the result from the perspective of return as well as risk.

Live news – Since stocks change every time, so in order to earn profit traders need to react to market news through a live news source.

Strategies – In active trading, traders use various methods including day trading or swing trading. In day trading, the position is closed within the same day and in swing trading, it holds security for many days with a motive to increase profit on price changes.

We Develop full-stack Trading Platforms
  • Physical Trading Platform – Easy MLM Plans have very experienced Trading Software Developers. We develop highly optimized servers which are able to handle thousands of users in real-time.
  • Analysed user interface – Our trading software developers are the best for delivering attractive web and mobile-based user-interface.
  • High-Frequency Trading Algorithms – We deliver low-level solutions and have the ability to backtest in higher-level languages.
  • 24 by seven support and maintenance – We can provide you 24 by seven customer support and even proactively maintain your systems.
  • Order Routers – Easy MLM Plans is an expert in designing, developing, and ordering routers as well as price aggregators for a variety of markets. We develop order routing software for the future.
  • Advanced user interfaces – Our Front-end Trading Software Developers in India are the best for delivering stunning, mobile and desktop user interfaces.
  • High Data volume market signals – Easy MLM Plans to process a high volume of market data. We provide real-time market analysis on all exchanges combined with big data storage to sporting short as well as long-term signals.

Reasons to choose as your Trading Software Development Partner?

However, To develop a trading platform, you do not need to start from scratch. With over years of experience in Trading software development, Easy MLM Plans has set up customer products from building blocks implanting only a logic specific for your business. In addition, components like Trading algorithms, connectivity to crypto exchange are already there just waiting to integrate into your solution.

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